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Sigrid Noack, Past President

The Unrecables Family became a major part of Sigridís life about 14 years ago, when she was still very active with Single Ski Club.  At Ski Dazzle John Wiley was finally successful at convincing her to attend an Unrecables meeting. Sigrid did come to the next meeting, and has never left!  Since then she has served as Winter Trips Director, Vice President, L.A. Council Rep., Public Relations Director, Fundraising Director, Out-of-State Ski Trip Director and now for the third time around, as President.  She loves everything about her Unrecables family and tries to go on as many of the Mammoth Ski Trips as possible.  She enjoys tethering bi-skis and blind guiding the most.  She learned most of the blind guiding from skiing with Gordon Chan.  The two of them spent a week skiing Big Sky, Montana a few years ago with LAC.  What a fantastic experience that was for both of them, thanks to the sponsorship of L.A. Council Ski Clubs and Sunshine Village, Banff.

Before becoming active with our Unrecables Ski Club family, Sigrid had been actively involved with L.A. Council, ROKKA Race League, the Far West Ski Association, and the Single Ski Club, holding leadership positions in all of those organizations.  She served as LAC president for 2 years, and then volunteered to be the overall Chairperson of the 1999 FWSA Convention in Manhattan Beach. This was a huge job, and Sigrid did a tremendous job with a very hard working committee.   This convention turned out to be one of the most successful in FWSA history!  Sigrid also served on the Board of Trustees of USARC, which runs the Adaptive Ski Program at Big Bear.

Sigrid was born and grew up in Germany, coming to the U.S. with her family at age 13.  She attended New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, where most of her time was spent learning English!  After that she went on to the University of Iowa and then graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in education.   Later she studied at Princeton University and at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she received her MA degree.  Besides spending her childhood in Germany, Sigrid has also lived in Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and Istanbul, Turkey.  She loved living and teaching in Turkey and has been back to visit many times!  While most people spend about four years in high school, Sigrid has been in high school most of her life!  After being Activity Director and teaching German, French, and ESL most of her life, she finally "graduated" (retired) a few years ago!  Since then, she worked at the Computer Access Center and has been substituting in Adult as well as High Schools in LAUSD.

Besides all the ski club related involvement, Sigrid has also been volunteering at UCLA as a Patient Liaison in the Emergency Department and also helped to set up a support group program in the Kidney Transplant Department.  She has also spent many years visiting Hospice patients.

You probably already figured out that Sigrid thrives on being active.  Besides skiing she also enjoys scuba diving, traveling, water skiing, playing tennis, swimming, dancing, walking, and flying.  She used to spend much of her free time flying to Baja, around and across the U.S. with Unrecablesí member Chris Hargreaves, who was able to fly his Comanche with hand controls!  They even took some of the other Unrecables flying in the Comanche as well as in their friendís Tri-Motor airplane!  What a treat that was!

Sigrid just returned from a year in Germany and Turkey.


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Last Updated: 06/24/2015