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Gordon Cardona, Membership Director

I became a member of The Unrecables in 1992 after Phil Minderlein walked up to me at Mammoth and asked if I have ever skied before. I then met Hal Ellis at a club meeting and the rest is history. Actually, my first time skiing was in Snowbird, Utah using a sit-ski. It was more of a sled. I had a blast going down the hill. I believe later that season I skied once with The Unrecables in Mammoth.

A couple years later, I was appointed Newsletter Editor and held this position ever since. I also served as Vice President and then President, both one-year terms. I was also named club Man of the Year twice and named L.A. Council Man of the Year in 2000; the latter a first in club history! I went on and competed in the FWSA Man of the Year competition at the Far West Ski Association convention in Reno, Nevada in 2001.

The Unrecables has received numerous First Place awards from the Wentworth Publication Competition for its newsletters. The club received its fifth consecutive win in 2009 in their category.

I have skied in Banff and Whistler, Canada, Winter Park, Snowmass, and Big Bear Mountain. I especially like skiing with the Tahoe Adaptive Ski School at Alpine Meadows.

I graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an option in Computer Information Systems. I have served on the Board of Directors of the Computer Access Center, and began to volunteer there in 1994. Soon after, I became a staff member as their Database Specialist and held this position for 14 years.

Also, I have worked at CART located in Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey for a few years. I volunteered at the Office on Disability in Downtown Los Angeles for a couple years. I have written on a contract basis for the magazine, Mobility Management, about my personal experiences and frustrations with finding a condominium, support staff to assist me, and obtaining necessary equipment.

Since November 2008, I have been designing and publishing a monthly newsletter for the Single Ski Club on a contract basis 

I joined a power soccer team in 2008 and we hold weekly practices at Glendale Community College. Itís a blast playing competitively with other teams.

I love to travel with my family and cruising. Two of my cruise highlights were taking an airplane excursion over the Antarctic, and a canoe ride through a flooded forest full of alligators in pitch dark. Awesome views and sounds I will never forget! As far as land travel, I think one of the highlights was our trip to Egypt and seeing the magnificent pyramids, tombs, and cruising the Nile River. That was truly an adventure.

I have two brothers, two sisters, and three beautiful nieces. I currently reside in Long Beach.


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Last Updated: 06/24/2015